Focal has been operational in Queenstown for the last three years servicing the higher-end residential and commercial construction market for architectural metalwork, while also creating feature pieces for clients’ homes.


We believe that we have found a gap in the market for feature pieces. There does not seem to be anybody offering a complete high-end bespoke product tailored to each client’s needs, that is able to deal with the typically tricky requirements, changes to designs – no matter how challenging they may be – and quality expectations these clients have. The business plan is simple: manufacture New Zealand-made products with everything sourced as close to Queenstown as possible, with no compromise on the design, the manufacturing and ensuring the customer is receiving the service they expect.


Focal is first and foremost a metal fabricator, but we work inline with other craftsmen to supply the client with a start to finish product.

We happily work with clients from all around New Zealand who demand only the best.


Focal is owned and operated by George Hayden. George has 10 years of experience in the metal industry, completing an apprenticeship in engineering after high school and then travelling over to the United Kingdom where he spent time working for leading designers in the industry.

Once back in New Zealand, he could not find the high quality products that he had been manufacturing and decided to start Focal in Queenstown.


George Hayden