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Focal is a specialist in coming up with bespoke solutions for metal fireplaces. Working in-line with interior designers and architects from around the country, we can design a fireplace to suit your style and budget.

Expertly crafted, we don’t try and take the easy way out and want to create the ultimate fireplace for our clients. For example, we can create folded edges that are welded, sanded and polished to give a seamless look.

One option is a hot-rolled steel fireplace. This is the blackened style steel. If this is for an internal fireplace, we would seal this with a bees-wax finish. If this is for an exterior fireplace, we would use a matt clear powdercoat.

Other types of metal for fireplaces include brass and copper. Utilising brass or copper allows us to do our specialty antique finishes using patina acids. This can create truly unique finishes that will make your fire stand out from others. We are more than happy to create a sample palette of different finishes.

​We absolutely love coming up with unique solutions. If you have any idea about a project that you would like to chat about, get in touch!

There are other examples of fireplaces that we have created for clients that would prefer not to have their homes shared on the internet and are more than happy to show you some of these at the showroom.

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