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A local Queenstown store had recently moved premise & wanted a counter that would make a statement & stand out and trusted Focal for their bespoke metalwork.

Focal worked through a couple of different options with the client & we decided that hot-rolled steel with a bees wax finish would be most suitable

Utilizing a mammoth piece of 5mm metal plate, We managed to fabricate the counter top out of one piece and fold the edges creating a beautiful, seamless look

The front of the counter also has hot-rolled steel on the face finished with our own locally made bees wax

Focal is an expert when it comes to custom metal solutions. We are more than happy to spend the time with our clients to come up with a design and finish that aligns with them.

As we can fabricate and weld with all metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper and brass, it gives us flexibility to come up with the perfect solution and not just what ever way is easiest to get the job done.

We stay in our lane and do what we are truly good at and that is fabricating metal from sheet metal and box section and we steer clear of structural work. If you are after structural work, we will happily point you in the right direction of other local companies that specialise in this avenue.

Our team thrives on having unique and challenging jobs- a commonly used phrase however, we do mean it.

As well as fabricating these, we can also do the specialist metal finishing side so that they look exactly as you dreamed of.

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