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After spending a significant amount of time of work due to a serious tendon reconstruction surgery in my hand (9 months so far) it is finally time for me to be able to get back into the workshop.

During the time off, I managed to keep myself busy enough through a few different avenues- my tertiary education consisted of an apprenticeship so I thought that learning how to run a business could be very beneficial and enrolled in some business papers through distance learning.

With such a long time off work and a goal of training a puppy at some point in my life, there was no better opportunity to get one, so along came Albi. A Hungarian Viszla X with a Labrador. It was more than a handful (literally) trying to control the young pup with my arm in a shoulder high cast, but somehow I managed and Albi has gone from 8 weeks old and 6.3kg to 7 months old and 24kg with no signs of slowing down.

There was plenty of opportunity for reflection with how the business had been operating over the last 3 years and where I wanted it to go in the future- I have come to the the realization that I would like to get out of the construction industry and concentrate on creating truly special pieces for client's homes. Along with these special pieces, having a low volume product line supplying high quality New Zealand made items makes sense. The goal of these is to be in-line with the bespoke feature pieces. The quality and integrity of the product is to never be compromised on.

Attached is the catalogue of products that I have come up with- the goal being to get the ball rolling and then design some more products in the future. Huge thanks to Kristy @Pink Pony Creative ( for completing the rebranding and the catalogue for me and doing an amazing job with my very vague idea of how I wanted it to look.

I would love to know people's thoughts on the rebranding and the products in the catalogue.


FOCAL Catalogue Digital
Download PDF • 5.85MB

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