Focal is a metal fabricator but we work a little different than your local engineering workshop.

We aim to make the whole process an enjoyable & memorable experience

Woven mesh


  • Once you get in touch, we like to set up a time to come & meet. The meeting can include builders, architects, interior designers or directly with the client. This is to get to know each other and talk over what you are wanting to be made & how you would like it to be done​​

  • Focal will then go away & create a  bespoke proposal including a drawing & get in contact with other craftsmen if required

  • If needed, another meeting can be set to go over the proposal & changes can be made

  • Once the changes are made & the client is happy, Focal can provide a quote or estimate

  • When the quote is accepted, a 30% deposit is required to secure the job & a deadline can be set

  • Focal will then lovingly create your product managing the other craftsmen required & install if need be